Move-in days, orientation days, first day of school. It’s quite busy around the campus during the first week on campus. However, it settles down a bit after the first day of school when the student body comes together to partake in a formal dinner atmosphere.

Candlelight Dinner, as it is called, has been taking place since the beginning of the campus’ restoration, commemorating the beginning of a new journey and recognizing rising seniors with the highest GPA thus far. The ceremony is followed by a candlelight walk to the bell tower where those same seniors toll the bell to mark the beginning of their last year. The MSA Chorale then sings the MSA Alma Mater while the student body joins in song.

Recognized with the highest GPA in each discipline (L-R): Carla Smith (Theatre); Lundy Adams (Dance); Kerri Bland (Literary); Alexa Counsel (Media); Blake Sauls (Visual); Jessica Luke (Vocal).

Dr. Nathan Oakley, Chief Academic Officer for the Mississippi Department of Education, joined us as a guest and spoke words of encouragement to the juniors and seniors in attendance. Dr. Oakley was also a welcomed guest at the 2019 Commencement Ceremony.

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Now we rise, we fly, we shine.