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High school students may apply to Mississippi School of the Arts during their sophomore year to be admitted as juniors to MSA.

The admissions process consists of two phases. In the application phase, students will be assessed through a review of the required forms and recommendations. Students who meet the application criteria will be invited to MSA to participate in an on-site audition, written assessment (Literary Arts), and interview. After the on-site audition, all applicants will receive notification of their admissions status.

MSA will accept residential and commuting students. The distance to the student’s referring school to MSA will help determine residential status. Students who live outside the local area will receive priority in residential assignments. In order to meet graduation requirements, students interested in applying to MSA should begin taking the most challenging courses offered at your school in the arts discipline in which you are applying.

Take advantage of extracurricular and educational enrichment experiences in the visual, performing, and literary arts within and outside the classroom. Pass the Mississippi Subject Area Tests in Algebra I, Biology I, and English II. Complete the following courses by the end of the tenth grade year:

  • English — English I and II
  • Mathematics — Including Algebra I
  • Physical Education
  • Science — Biology and Chemistry recommended
  • Social Studies — Including World History, Mississippi Studies, and World Geography
  • Health
  • Business and Technology — Including Keyboarding and Computer Applications or ICT
  • Foreign Language — Students are encouraged to complete at least 1 unit of the 2 units required for college admission.

Students who are missing courses listed above may have to enroll in summer school, correspondence, or online courses the summer before attending MSA in order to meet the Mississippi high school graduation requirements.

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