The mission at Mississippi School of the Arts is…

To provide a challenging arts education for artistically gifted Mississippi students in a residential learning environment that promotes honor, integrity, service, and life-long learning.

Our Vision

At the Mississippi School of the Arts, we envision a challenging, dynamic, supportive community of diverse learners where artists imagine, create, and realize a better world in which to live and work.

MSA Values

MSA believes in cultivating the whole child through:

  1. Cultivating a safe and stable environment that encourages opportunity.
  2. Remaining process and goal-oriented based upon standards and achievement.
  3. Cultivating a diverse culture of learning, responsibility, service and creativity.
  4. Cultivating shared ownership within our community and state.
  5. Empowering all staff and students to make a positive impact in their environment.
  6. Demonstrating caring while creating a family-oriented school.

Strategic Plan

Mississippi School of the Arts has adopted a strategic plan that outlines the short-term and long-term goals of the school. We welcome you to review the document and become familiar with the direction in which MSA is headed. With the valued support of our stakeholders from all over Mississippi, it is our hope MSA will continue to be a beacon for creative high school artists of our state.

We extend our appreciation to Mississippi’s legislative representatives and senators for their continued support of our mission and vision since 1999.