Submit Required Documents

Incoming Juniors & Rising Seniors

Certain forms and documents are required to be on file at Mississippi School of the Arts during new student registration / rising senior promotion process. Specific documents are required prior to the first day of school. Please review the list of documents below and prepare them for submission.

The documents mentioned on this page are for accepted students only and not for students completing the application to audition. Please go to the bottom of the Apply to Audition page to review documents needed for the audition application.

Incoming Juniors

All incoming juniors (new students) should provide the following documents to the Admissions Office. While completing online enrollment in ActiveParent, certain documents may be uploaded to the portal. All others must be emailed or postal mailed to the Admissions Office. Please mail or upload the following documents to the Admissions Office during online enrollment or immediately after, prior to New Student Day (or any due date provided by Admissions):

** Denotes documents that may be uploaded to ActiveParent, emailed to or postal mailed to Admissions. See the address in the left column of this page.

** Denotes documents may be uploaded to ActiveParent during online registration, mailed, or emailed to

  • Birth certificate **
  • Health insurance card **
  • Immunization record (must be up-to-date for school entrance. Click Here to view requirements) **
  • Social security card **
  • Current 10th grade transcript (may be unofficial) **
  • Current 10th grade class schedule **
  • IEP / 504 form (if applicable) **

The following documents must be on file at Mississippi School of the Arts on or within 45 days prior to the start of school:

  • Two (2) updated proofs of residency (see proofs of residency requirements section below). ** Proofs may be uploaded within 45 days from the start of school. If you cannot upload, you can mail documents to MSA Admissions.
  • Medical physical (dated within previous 12 months) **
  • Mental health release form (if applicable) **
  • ACT score or proof of registration for the next available test. **

Rising Seniors

All rising seniors must be invited back to maintain enrollment at Mississippi School of the Arts. Grades, attendance, and discipline are all factors in the decision-making process. There is no audition for rising seniors. The following should be mailed by the due date listed on the second-year acceptance letter:

  • Two (2) updated proofs of residency (see proofs of residency requirements section below) **
  • Medical physical (dated within previous 12 months) **

Proof of Residency Requirements

Only parent(s) / Legal Guardian(s) with whom the student resides will be allowed to register the student.

Parent(s) / Legal Guardian(s) are required to have a valid Mississippi Driver’s License or Mississippi Photo ID (obtain from Division of Motor Vehicles License Location). No out-of-state license or photo ID will be accepted.

The parent must also provide two (2) Proofs of Residency, one (1) each from the lists below, to register their child / children.

Group 1 – Choose only one (1) from this list:

  • Mortgage Statement (dated within the last 45 days)
  • Property Tax Display Form
  • Filed Homestead Exemption Application Form
  • Filed Property or Warranty Deed (dated during the actual school year)
  • Apartment or Home Lease/Agreement

Group 2 – Choose only one (1) from this list:

  • Cable Statement/Bill (includes the following: Cable, DirecTV, Dish, U-Verse)
  • Water Statement/Bill
  • Solid Waste Statement/Bill
  • Gas Statement/Bill
  • Electric Statement/Bill

(Bill reading or statement dates must be within 45 days of first day of school)


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