Students must receive an invitation to audition, after submission and Admissions approval of the application for audition.

Apply to Audition

Audition Day

June 4, 2024 (Dance and Theatre Only)

On-Site Auditions

This is the big day! Approved applicants will receive an invitation to audition. We’re excited to offer the opportunity to audition for a potential spot at Mississippi School of the Arts. It’s Mississippi’s only residential high school in the state, focused on fine arts. MSA is also one of nine residential art schools of its kind in the United States.

By audition day, you’ll need to have your portfolio ready (if your arts discipline requires one) and check in, on time, at the Student Life Center on the MSA campus. An appointment schedule will be provided with your invitation letter or via e-mail.

The audition includes two events for the day:

  1. Audition applicants will participate in a short interview process with MSA representatives.
  2. Audition applicants will complete an on-site audition for their chosen arts discipline(s). See Portfolio and Performance Requirements for more information.

Portfolio and Performance Requirements

Review the following audition portfolio and performance requirements for the Class of 2026. Applicants are allowed to audition for up to three arts disciplines as indicated on the application. If you have questions about audition, please don’t hesitate to contact our admissions team.

Dance Performance Audition

Literary Portfolio and Audition

Visual Portfolio and Audition

Vocal Music Performance Audition

Theatre Performance Audition

Media Portfolio and Audition

Post-Audition Status Letter

After auditions, you will be notified of your audition status by postal mail. If you receive accepted status, your acceptance letter will include a time-sensitive intent form that must be returned if you accept and want to enroll into Mississippi School of the Arts.

If you are accepted into more than one arts discipline, you have the option to choose one among the accepted art disciplines shown in your status letter. Although you are allowed to choose only one discipline, you may take courses in other disciplines if your class schedule allows. For instance, a Literary Arts major interested in screenwriting may take Media courses for film and cinema studies. Or a Theatre student may take a Dance course, etc.


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