Welcome to the Mississippi School of the Arts! The arts throughout history have connected the human spirit with daily life. Art allows people to express themselves, entertain others, communicate meaning, and encourages a higher order of thinking. Mississippi has a tremendous wealth of artists that have impacted the world with their work. The Mississippi School of the Arts is offering you the opportunity to participate in that heritage. Through art, dance, drama, literature and music, MSA offers students the opportunity to focus on creative expression and innovation through rigorous study of art disciplines and academics. The dynamic educational environment is unlike any other in our state with the purpose of offering high quality arts training to diverse learners from across Mississippi. At MSA, students become artists that can imagine, create, and realize a better world in which to live and work.

The Mississippi School of the Arts is located on the historic Whitworth College Campus in Brookhaven, about sixty miles south of Jackson. Designated as a Mississippi Landmark, the campus is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

Please feel free to contact our staff with specific questions or to arrange a visit to campus. If you would like to request a presentation about the school for a group in your area, please contact us. We look forward to welcoming you on campus at the Mississippi School of the Arts.

Suzanne Hirsch, Ed.D.
Executive Director