When students think about their opportunities at Mississippi School of the Arts, one of the most important concerns is living space amenities. It’s obvious there are showers and beds, but what about the ‘entertainment package’? We’ve got great news for you, we have the entertainment package and more!

High-Speed Wireless Internet

The Student Life Center is equipped with internet access points scattered throughout. With personal computers, phones, and tablets, students can browse all day with unrestricted data usage. Save the precious data on your phone and connect to high-speed internet access anywhere in the tower. More information about how to connect to Wi-Fi can be found by clicking here.

Television & Game Entertainment

Every floor of the residence hall include a common area, which provides a television with a local cable package which includes sports, lifestyle, and network channels. Students may use these areas to socialize and watch television, as well as connect game consoles. Students are allowed to bring game consoles to Mississippi School of the Arts, but game ratings may be subject to approval.

Game Tables & Board Games

The first floor of the Student Life Center includes two pool tables. The second floor includes a foosball table. The Student Life Center also has an extensive collection of traditional board games.

Fitness Center

The SLC (Student Life Center) includes a fitness center on the second floor. Students may use this area when needed. Equipment include an elliptical, gym weights, treadmill and more.

Library Media Center

The Library Media Center is located in the Student Life Center. Students may use this area for studies and internet research. Access to this area is governed by policies and procedures of MSA Library. Click here for more information.