Mississippi School of the Arts recently recognized Literary Art students for receiving writing competition awards in the state. Additionally, two students will have their poems published in the American High School Poets – Spring 2024 Anthology and one poem was recently published on Teen Ink. Winners from The University of Mississippi Writing Competition and Mississippi Poetry Society High School Student Contest are as follows:

Receiving 3rd place in the UM Writing Competition is senior Erin Erter, author of the story “Cicada”

Receiving 1st place in the MS Poetry Society High School Contest is junior Crislyn Lance, author of “An American Small Town Sonnet”

Receiving 2nd place is senior Sarah Lawarence, author of “Who I Am”

Receiving 3rd place is junior Amelia Whitaker, author of “The Moon Still Stands”

Honorable Mentions include junior Georgia Bailey, author of “Feathered Harmony” and junior William Carter Hillman, author of “Sidewalks”

Award winners for the Poetry Society contest were honored at the Mississippi Poetry Society Spring Festival in April 2024.

American High School Poets Anthology: Sarah Lawrence, author off “Don’t make me say Please” | Crislyn Lance, author of “My Love.”

Teen Ink: Cooper Brumfield’s 10-minute play, “In regard to Mr. Walter”

Senior literary students recently held their exiting senior showcases. Click Here to watch recorded live streams.