Mississippi School of the Arts celebrates the visual arts department for capturing numerous Scholastic Visual Aarts awards in the 2024 Regional Scholastic Art Competition. The department received ninety-nine awards in this year’s competition. The department instructors are Maurice Calvert and Brandy Johnson. Click Here for more information about the visual arts program at MSA.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. The Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and present their remarkable work to the world through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The Awards give students opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships. In 2023, students across the United States and Canada entered more than 300,000 original works in 28 different categories of art and writing.

American Visions Nominee

Theodore Cooper received Gold Key and an American Visions nomination for Ceramics & Glass category work titled “Primary Color Blues.” This piece will be juried at the national level.

Gold Key award winners will be on display at the Mississippi Museum of Art starting March 27th. Visit the event page here for more information about the Gold Key Exhibition and upcoming awards ceremony for Gold, Silver, and Honorable Mention award recipients.

Gold Key

Student Category Title of Work
Theodore Cooper Painting Shedding Pink
Theodore Cooper Painting Pink Sky
Theodore Cooper Painting Lucie and the Light
Jocelyn (Neon) Camp Sculpture Edmonia Lewis
Theodore Cooper Ceramics & Glass Primary Color Blues
Theodore Cooper Ceramics & Glass Elliott Smith
Isana Chapman Drawing & Illustration Uncle David
Jocelyn (Neon) Camp Sculpture Parasitic Paradise
Briana Fuentes Drawing & Illustration Curiosity
Elena Sullivan Drawing & Illustration My Baby Cousin Keiko
Anna Shurden Drawing & Illustration A Sunny Morning
Emma Powney Painting Wandering Mind
Emma Powney Painting Patrick
Kalea Andersen Drawing & Illustration Coming Clean

Silver Key

Student Category Title of Work
Theodore Cooper Photography HAVE
Emma Powney Painting flowering world
Theodore Cooper Ceramics & Glass Bob Dylan
Theodore Cooper Printmaking C is for Chicken
Theodore Cooper Painting Fallen Shed
Theodore Cooper Painting Ouroboros
Theodore Cooper Painting green grass bare barn
Emma Powney Painting world of flowers
Briana Fuentes Mixed Media Piece of Peace
Isana Chapman Painting Mama Syndey
Lucy Dick Drawing & Illustration Simple Joy
Elroyn Gathright Mixed Media Growth in the Shadow of Sugary Sweet Sorrow
Elroyn Gathright Mixed Media changing tracks
Kandace Tate Sculpture Home Sweet Home
Aarah Nicole Mayor Mixed Media Harana
Julia Landry Drawing & Illustration Ink Cottage
Julia Landry Painting Flower Pot Still Life
Kalea Andersen Drawing & Illustration Simple Things
Emma Powney Painting Backing the Sun
Emma Powney Painting Backing the Moon
Aarah Nicole Mayor Painting Self Portrait
Emma Powney Drawing & Illustration Wondering Shoes
Emma Powney Drawing & Illustration Flowers in a dyeing world
Lucy Dick Painting Fruits of Labor
Aarah Nicole Mayor Mixed Media Trauma Pump
Aarah Nicole Mayor Comic Art Comic Jeep
Aarah Nicole Mayor Painting Bequest My History
Lucy Dick Drawing & Illustration Light of My Life
Kalea Andersen Drawing & Illustration Cooper Hall
Iris Barnard Painting Carry On Mr. Bowditch
Anna Shurden Drawing & Illustration An Earthen Being with an Extraterrestrial Soul

Honorable Mention

Student Category Title of Work
Chloe Malone Drawing & Illustration Cat drinking water
Theodore Cooper Photography Feline Eye
Chloe Malone Drawing & Illustration On the Railroad Tracks
Chloe Malone Digital Art Lost in the Headlights
Chloe Malone Digital Art Laboratory
Neon Camp Mixed Media Skittles
Theodore Cooper Painting Scaffolds
Theodore Cooper Painting Choppy Plaines
Theodore Cooper Painting blue sky barn
Theodore Cooper Painting Papaw’s Glasses
Emma Powney Painting Swan Nebula
Emma Powney Mixed Media The Woman
Emma Powney Painting watching
Aarah Nicole Mayor Painting Poinsettias
Isana Chapman Drawing & Illustration Grandma Ruby
Isana Chapman Painting 1978
Rowan Booker Fox Saying “I Love You” Film & Animation
Rowan Booker Drawing & Illustration Portrait of a Oaxacan Mother
Elroyn Gathright Printmaking Emperor penguin
Elroyn Gathright Mixed Media O for the muse of fiery; jazzy tones
Elroyn Gathright Mixed Media Little Red: The Sleeping Death
Brennan Tarrant Comic Art Groovy Lava Lamp
Aarah Nicole Mayor Mixed Media Batok Burda
Neon Camp Painting It’s Your Birthday!
Olivia White Digital Art Jackie Ormes
Ava Buckley Drawing & Illustration Mirrors
Julia Landry Drawing & Illustration Deep in Thought
Elena Sullivan Drawing & Illustration Surprise!
Lucy Dick Painting Euphoric Dancing
Brianna Fuentes Drawing & Illustration Memories
Julia Landry Drawing & Illustration Pumpkin Patch
Ava Buckley Painting The Green Lady
Lucy Dick Drawing & Illustration Selfie!
Julia Landry Painting Sun and Moon
Aarah Nicole Mayor Printmaking C is for Chital Deer
Aarah Nicole Mayor Mixed Media Ambedo Prosopagnosia
Anna Shurden Painting Simple Joy
Anna Shurden Drawing & Illustration Bell Tower
Sahra Liban Drawing & Illustration Special Pam
Emma Powney Drawing & Illustration Study no. 1
Chloe Malone Drawing & Illustration Downfall
Kandace Tate Painting Euphoric
Emma Powney Drawing & Illustration Keys to the soul
Lucy Dick Drawing & Illustration True Gold
Elroyn Gathright Painting blazing experience
Elroyn Gathright Mixed Media Stagnation Amidst Fiery Seas
Cooper Findley Drawing & Illustration Just Me
Kalea Andersen Drawing & Illustration The Last Supper
Cooper Findley Painting Also Me
Kalea Andersen Mixed Media Hazed Down
Drawing & Illustration Lucy Dick A Rustic Bounty
Brianna Fuentes Painting Natural Habitat
Rowan Booker Film & Animation Fox Saying “I Love You”
Rowan Booker Drawing & Illustration Three Cicadas