Mississippi School of the Arts Launches a new Collegiate Academy
in partnership with Copiah-Lincoln Community College.

The Mississippi School of the Arts (MSA) will launch an exciting pilot program for 2023-2024 incoming juniors. Through a partnership with Copiah-Lincoln Community College (Co-Lin), juniors can apply to be part of a Collegiate Academy program to pursue an associate degree while at MSA through Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit with Co-Lin.  Since 2011, MSA has partnered with Co-Lin to offer dual credit and dual enrollment opportunities to students through online and in the MSA class schedule.

The pilot program will be offered free to enrolled students! In addition, dual credit courses taken by students will be paid by MSA.

“We have been working on this since 2018. Now, MSA juniors who want to save time and money for college will have the opportunity to do so! We are so grateful for the funding to be able to make college accessible to all our students,” said Dr. Suzanne Hirsch, MSA Executive Director.

The dual enrollment/dual credit coursework will support graduation requirements of MSA as well as degree requirements of Co-Lin. Student application procedures will be distributed by summer 2023 with an application deadline of early fall 2023. The program will begin in January 2024 with anticipated completion date in May 2025.

“We are thrilled to bring this long-awaited pilot program to fruition for our MSA students,” said Co-Lin Dean of Academic Instruction Dr. Stephanie Duguid. “As the only performing arts school in the state, these dedicated and determined students from MSA have unique skill sets, opportunities, and intense focus that drives them daily. Co-Lin is proud to partner with MSA not only with academics leading to a degree, but also collaborate on other fine arts ventures forthcoming.”

Dual enrollment is when a student is enrolled in a community college while enrolled in high school and receives college credit for work.  Dual Credit is when a student is enrolled at both the community college and high school and receives both high school and post-secondary credit for coursework. To enroll, students must meet minimum ACT and Carnegie Unit requirements as set by the college as well as MSA.

MSA is the state’s only residential high school for Mississippi eleventh and twelfth grade students to intensively study the arts – dance, filmmaking, creative writing, theatre, visual art, and vocal music. More information about auditions and application process can be found by clicking here.