For Zachary Rast of Wesson and Nicolas Pace of Waveland, visiting the public library in Brookhaven is nothing new, since both are students at Mississippi School of the Arts. However, filming there is something quite new and rarely done. During their junior year at Mississippi School of the Arts, these two Media Arts discipline students became instant stars when they were cast as actors in a comedy short film entitled “The Library.” The film featured two local school classmates who visited the Lincoln-Lawrence-Franklin Regional Library to obtain a certain book needed for class. We’ll let you watch the film for the rest of the story.

The Lincoln-Lawrence-Franklin Regional Library is a tri-county library system and a part of Mississippi Library Commission. Originally on a block of land owned by Whitworth College (now Mississippi School of the Arts), the Library was eventually established providing patrons with access to catalogued resources. With an interior décor that matches a nostalgic era with updated artistic pieces featuring the work of renowned artist Dr. J. Kim Sessums, the Library was deemed a perfect location for the short film to take place.

Cooperation with the public library was vitally important, enhanced by two agencies working together on a collaborative project. Not only did the film create positive opportunities for the Library, but also for the Media Arts class at Mississippi School of the Arts. In addition to the prime location, the film included staff of the Library, Ms. Ellie Jordan, acting as librarian in the film.

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