mississippi-blood-services-2015-award-groupphotoThe Mississippi School of the Arts was nominated and received the Mississippi Blood Services 2015 All Star Award. The award is given to an entity that shows overwhelming interest in donating blood for patient care services. At MSA, an overwhelming interest by the student body was recognized.

According to the web site for Mississippi Blood Services, ” Mississippi Blood Services (MBS) is a not-for-profit blood service, founded in 1979. Our mission is to provide a safe and adequate supply of voluntarily donated blood and blood components for patients in hospitals and to offer related services to our hospitals and other medical facilities. MBS is the only FDA licensed blood center headquartered in Mississippi, created to manage our state’s blood supply. We service hospitals across the state.”

Seniors who donate blood twice are eligible to receive a cord at graduation. Congratulations, students and staff of MSA!

PHOTO: (L to R) Robin Brinson RN – School Nurse , Tasha Rowe – Mississippi Blood Services , and Sha Quandra Sanders – Residence Life Nurse

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