Policies and procedures define how the library and media center operate on a daily basis. Policies are aligned with the “Library Bill of Rights” from the American Library Association.

ALA “Library Bill of Rights” PDF Download
MSA Policies & Procedures PDF Download

Our Procedures

  • The Library Media Center is open daily from 7:55 am – 4:55 pm for reading, online classes, study and research (excluding lunch, 11:30 – 12:00). The library reopens at 6:00 pm til10:00 pm.
  • Regular book checkout period is three weeks. (Reference books over night by permission.)
  • Magazines are available at the circulation desk and may be checked out for one week with permission.
  • Students are not charged for overdue books. Students ARE responsible to pay fines for lost or damaged books.
  • Students are not allowed to leave campus at Semester End until books/equipment/media are returned or library fines are paid.

Make The Library A Great Place For Everyone

  • Enter the library in an orderly manner and lower your voice.
  • Present a library pass when using library during class time.
  • Speak quietly and behave in a manner consistent with study.
  • Do not bring food, drinks or candy into the library.
  • Cell phones may be used for music with headphones, do not make or take calls or text.
  • Check out ALL items taken from the library.