Literary Arts Coffee House

As a part of the Literary Arts program at Mississippi School of the Arts, students are exposed to public presentations and impromptu speech. At Coffee House, students from any discipline may present work to be shared. Are you interested in participating? See the upcoming events calendar and information below.

Coffee House Rules

Our mission is to provide an outlet for student artists to be heard in an exciting, expressive, welcoming and creative environment. We encourage all levels of performers, whether novice or expert, to hone their literary/performing skills and talents in front of an audience. Coffee Houses are family-friendly. Coffee House is not the setting for sharing unjustified language, offensive ideologies, sexual content, or promoting excessive violence. Be FREE, but be responsible.

Please keep your readings / recitations / creative presentations to 3 minutes in length. General works for open mic night include: poetry, prose/natural flow of speech, spoken word, & music/song (i.e. singing, rapping, or playing an instrument)

Upcoming Events

Writings and Artwork

LITERARY ARTS BLOGSPACE – Some of the writings presented by Literary students are also available on the class blog. Any current MSA student may login and comment on blog entries using an MSANET account (pending moderation).