Connecting to the network, wirelessly.

MSA students and staff are offered wireless internet using a personal device on the MSABROOKHAVEN network. Wireless internet access is available inside and along the perimeter of all campus buildings. The MSA technology department serves students and staff with content filtered, wireless broadband on 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless spectrums.

The goal of MSA Technology is to enable smart device access to a wireless grid, enabling adaptive, mobile learning. As the educational outlook continues to evolve, Mississippi School of the Arts will evaluate and implement technology resources that allows teachers and students the ability to integrate new, responsible wireless technology into the residence halls and classrooms.

The MSABROOKHAVEN network is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) service. Mississippi School of the Arts requires you to bring your own device (computer, phone, tablet) to the campus in order to use this service. Although smartphones and other digital devices are allowed in the academic setting, MSA teachers and administrators may impose policies for device usage in the classroom.

MSA Technology no longer provides ethernet connections to the MSABROOKHAVEN network. Please make sure your device is capable of connecting wirelessly.

Wireless internet service is subject to the provisions of MSA’s Computer Acceptable Use Policy. Access to MSA’s wireless internet service is a privilege and not a right. All users must comply with federal, state and local law, policy and procedures at all times. Failure to comply may result in the suspension or termination of services for any or all devices.

While utilizing network services at Mississippi School of the Arts, no guest, employee, or MSA student shall:

  • Set up a wireless extender, bridge, or router connected to the campus network.
  • Use a wireless device to intentionally interfere with wireless communications.
  • Use the network to access bit torrent or any other unapproved file sharing programs.
  • Circumvent protective filters using a VPN app or proxy server.
  • Violate terms in MSA’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Violate state or federal laws.

For additional information, please contact the technology department.