Prevent Online Bullying and Harassment

With ever-growing technology, it’s much easier to use digital tools to intentionally harass and bully others online. Whether it’s as a joke or to create a reasonable fear of harm, cyberbullying is illegal and punishable by state and federal statutes.

Because Mississippi School of the Arts receives federal funding, the Federal Communications Commission requires us to provide students an understandable level of training about and how to safeguard against cyberbullying.

During beginning-of-the-year required student orientation, technology personnel use that time period to conduct training. Starting in the summer of 2018, the technology department has provided the training online as part of the required online orientation for all students; juniors and seniors.

The training gives students relatable facts and applicable state laws regarding cyberbullying / cyberstalking in Mississippi. At the conclusion of the training, students are required to pass an assessment with a 100% score. Students who do not reach 100% must retake the assessment until a 100% score is obtained. A copy of each student’s scored assessment is retained for proof of training.

What is cyberbullying?

  • A form of communication used to threaten or harass someone online.
  • Can be in the form of an e-mail, text message or social media post.
  • Cyberbullying is growing rapidly with the use of latest technology.

What makes cyberbullying dangerous?

  • Threatening messages can be sent much easier.
  • Harmful messages can be spread more rapidly, affecting a much larger group.
  • Instant fear due to an immediate threat.
  • Can result in physical or psychological harm.

What does Mississippi School of the Arts do to help protect students?

  • Educate all students about cyberbullying.
  • All students must pass an online assessment at 100% passing score.
  • Partner with the Mississippi Attorney General Cybercrime Division for on-campus training with students and faculty.
  • Stay updated on the latest apps and technology used to communicate.
  • Students may report cyberbullying using standard school procedures.

MSA students who would like to review cyberbullying resource training may login to Moodle and access the Technology Resources module in online orientation.

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