With safety being priority, students should review prohibited configurations due to national fire code. All facilities are inspected by law enforcement agents at the office of the Mississippi State Fire Marshal. Students in violation of fire safety code places other students and staff at high risk and may impose penalties issued by Residence Life personnel at Mississippi School of the Arts.

Prohibited Configurations

  • Extension cords are not allowed. Instead, students may use a UL certified surge protector. Surge protectors may not be daisy-chained, meaning one surge protector connected to another surge protector in efforts to extend the cord range.
  • Socket adapters are not allowed. These are adapters used to plug in multiple electrical devices in one socket.
  • Plug-in string lights may not be used. An example is Christmas lights.
  • Under no circumstances are any items with flames allowed. This includes candles, etc.

Do you have a question? Contact Residence Life for help with clarification (See also approved items list).

Fire Evacuation

In the event of a fire or sounding alarm, all students and personnel are to follow the posted evacuation plan and report to the predetermined evacuation site. Stay clear of buildings until authorized personnel advise it is safe to re-enter. Periodic fire drills will be performed for practice.