Mississippi School of the Arts’ Technology Department provides access to network-connected printers on campus. 

Students may print to a laser printer located in the hallway on the third floor of Johnson Institute. A color laser printer/copier is located in the Library Media Center. An MSA ID badge is required to use the library copier. Students are not allowed to print to copiers or printers in locations designated for staff use only. All MSA staff are required to authenticate and utilize copiers using assigned school ID badges.

Personal Printing

Students may print only from an authorized student computer using school account credentials. Students are not allowed to connect to a school printer using a personal device. If students would like to to print documents from a personal device, the documents must be transferred via USB drive, email, or cloud storage account. This policy does not interfere with students who would like to use a personal printer in their on-campus residence.

Special Permission for Printing

Some items require special permission before printing or copying from a campus printer. This includes banners, flyers, or any other items printed for public display. Permission must be granted by the Principal and/or Executive Director. Please email or print ONE copy for approval. Large print jobs (more than 10) may require additional approval.

The technology department has the capability of identifying individual students who abuse printing privileges. Random audits are made without notice. Students who abuse privileges are subject to disciplinary actions as outlined in the MSA student handbook and acceptable use policy.