moodle-logoMoodle is an open-source software solution, giving users the power to create and distribute educational course content, allowing a fully virtual classroom or blended learning environment. Moodle is accessible on any internet-enabled computer, making the learning management system a key component for organization and distribution of resources at Mississippi School of the Arts. Moodle has been in use at MSA since 2016.


Course Enrollment

Students are enrolled into each MSA class by the Moodle Course Enrollment Administrator at the beginning of each course’s start date. Students should login to Moodle and verify their access to each MSA course as shown on the class schedule.

For support regarding Moodle course enrollment, please contact the following helpdesk support: Tommie Hart (Enrollment Admin)

Changing Your Password

If you’re a current student at Mississippi School of the Arts, you may change your Moodle password using the following link. This process will change your passwords to all MSANET-connected services including your MSA email and your campus network login credentials.

Turnitin Integration

MSA uses for academic integrity. The Turnitin software features are integrated with MSA’s installation of Moodle. For more information for instructors on how to manage Turnitin assignments and for students to submit assignments, see below:

Policies and Procedures

Composing Documents

For compatibility of uploaded files to our system, we recommend using Microsoft Word as your document processor or convert files to PDF. MSA students may take advantage of their free access to Microsoft Office software while a student at MSA. Click Here for more information.

Moodle app for Apple and Android devices

The Moodle app is a 3rd party application and not designed by MSA. Students may download the app for quick access to courses and assignments. Please note, some assignments may not view correctly in the app, but will be modified for viewing through your device’s web browser. There is no warranty for the use of this software, neither expressed nor implied.


  1. Download and install the app to your device.
  2. Enter as the site address.
  3. Enter your MSA email username and password.
  4. View your course dashboard. Search for additional courses using the magnifying glass at the top-right corner of the app.