Throughout the year, all residential students are required to leave campus during designated weekends. The day of mandatory go-home day (generally a Friday) is set as either Early Release or Regular Release schedule. Under Early Release, a modified bell schedule is activated for the whole day, shortening remaining class blocks after lunch. Under Regular Release, students will check out at the end of the school day on regular bell schedule.

On weekends not designated as Mandatory Go-Home, students are allowed to stay on campus or go home. However, if that student has Saturday School or must be at school for any other purpose, he/she must refrain from checking out.

Check-out station on release days (mandatory go-home weekends) is held on the 1st floor of the Student Life Center. Students must turn in their ID badge and room key for safe-keeping and will be returned upon check-in. There is a substantial fee for a student losing a badge or key.

Check-Out Time: 3:30 p.m.

See Events Calendar for release days. See Class Bell Schedule for modified schedule.